Kooiker Temperament

Kooikers are described as lively, energetic and cheerful companions. Full of self-confidence, and alert but not noisy. (Note: this does not mean “silent”!) These dogs are faithful and friendly towards their own people but tend to be reserved with others.

In addition to calmly luring ducks into traps, Kooikers were also expected to kill vermin and alert to intruders, hence they have a high prey drive with abundant perseverance and tenacity. Beneath the dirt-resistant coat is a true sporting dog, agile, attentive, energetic and with a zest for working. They thrive with a job to do-whether it’s chasing squirrels out of the yard, jogging with friends or dashing through agility! They are quick to react, making them less suitable for families with small children or inexperienced with dogs. They can be sharp towards strange dogs, making dog parks problematic.