How do you pronounce the name?

It’s a big name for a small dog…Don’t let the letters overwhelm you!

Most people call them “Kooikers”. “Nederlandse” just means “Dutch”
in Dutch. Say “Nay’ der lawn zuh”

Try “Kooikerhondje” by breaking down the syllables! Say:
KOOI = k oi, lik e t h e J apan ese fi sh
KER =“her” with a K instead of an H
HOND =“pun” with H instead of P
JE =“just” without the ST

What does it mean? Kooi is from the Dutch word “Eendenkooi”-an elaborate
trap used to capture ducks in the Netherlands (and the origin of the
English word “Decoy”). Hond means “dog” and “hondje” means small dog.

So the entire name means “The Dutch Duck Trapper’s Little Dog”-
that’s saying a lot with only two words!